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From "Apache Bloodhound" <>
Subject [Apache Bloodhound] Proposals/BEP-0003 modified
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2012 16:35:43 GMT
Page "Proposals/BEP-0003" was changed by jure
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Revision 17
Index: Proposals/BEP-0003
--- Proposals/BEP-0003 (version: 16)
+++ Proposals/BEP-0003 (version: 17)
@@ -94,6 +94,23 @@
 [=#product-env-idem] The following methods and options will behave exactly the same as the
corresponding `parent_env`'s methods: ''get_system_info'' , ''components_section'' , '''TODO'''
+=== Database schema changes #database-schema-changes
+Products shall become a first-class citizen in ''Bloodhound''. To make this possible, some
changes will be required at the database schema level, especially as multiple product environments
are meant to be hosted in the same database instance.
+Currently, products are only supported in relation to tickets. Current implementation of
`bloodhound_multiproduct` plugin extends the `ticket` table by adding custom field `product`.
This field is used to reference products as defined in the `bloodhound_product` table.
+In addition to tickets, other entities should also be made ''product aware''. The product
support should be, in a similar way to tickets, extended to (at least) the following database
entities within ''Bloodhound'':
+* versions
+* milestones
+* components
+* priorities
+* ...
+This could be accomplished using the same approach as used in relation to tickets - by extending
the database tables with the 'product' field that would reference the product that the specified
entities belong to.
+Another change required is the change of the fore mentioned table keys. As it currently stands,
the key used in these tables is limited to the 'name' field. As this (in the modified schema)
prevents users from creating versions/milestones/... with the same name for different products,
key should be extended with the 'product' field.
 == Rationale #rationale
 The following is a list of proposed features for multi product support in ''Bloodhound''.
Goals related to compatibility are considered in [#backwards-compatibility Backwards compatibility]
below. In each case you'll find notes explaining how candidate implementation will solve related

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