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From "Apache Bloodhound" <>
Subject [Apache Bloodhound] Proposals/BEP-0003/MultienvParentDir modified
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2012 06:47:54 GMT
Page "Proposals/BEP-0003/MultienvParentDir" was changed by olemis
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Revision 4
Comment: Some notes on request dispatching in the context of multi environment setup
Index: Proposals/BEP-0003/MultienvParentDir
--- Proposals/BEP-0003/MultienvParentDir (version: 3)
+++ Proposals/BEP-0003/MultienvParentDir (version: 4)
@@ -34,3 +34,7 @@
 Notice that there will be multiple instances of `trac.env.Environment` class , representing
each project/directory . The set of plugins installed in every environment will be the same,
each one contributing the same set of components . However there is a single instance of any
component classes per environment due to the fact that components are [
parametric singletons]. They will interact with different databases , not necessarily of the
same type.
 On the other hand , changes performed in global configuration file will affect all environments.
Nonetheless each environment will have its own configuration file and global options may be
overriden on a per project basis. That has many implications including , but not limited to
, different sets of components enabled.
+=== Request dispatching #dispatch
+The first step performed to dispatch requests consists in determining the target environment
it's been sent to. This is carried out in `trac.main.dispatch_request` function executed by
CGI, FastCGI, !ModPython and similar frontends . At some point that function instantiates
the environment's instance of `trac.web.main.RequestDispatcher` which in turn determines the
request handlers and filters involved in request processing loop.

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