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From "Apache Bloodhound" <>
Subject Re: [Apache Bloodhound] #223: Prepare ticket view for responsive layout
Date Sun, 07 Oct 2012 17:25:09 GMT
#223: Prepare ticket view for responsive layout
  Reporter:  olemis      |      Owner:  nobody
      Type:              |     Status:  new
  enhancement            |  Milestone:
  Priority:  major       |    Version:
 Component:  ui design   |   Keywords:  ticket scrollspy inplace bheditable
Resolution:              |
Changes (by olemis):

 * keywords:   => ticket scrollspy inplace bheditable

Old description:

> ,, ... via ''Bloodhound'' quick create ticket dialog,,

New description:

 After reviewing initial design for responsive ticket web UI ^ [# citation
 needed] ^ it turns out that ticket view has to be changed . This ticket is
 aimed at implementing those changes even before responsive features are
 incorporated . So the work needed to complete #217 will consist of a patch
 applied on top of those submitted in here .

 So far the following enhancements have been identified

   - Substitute ''logged in as <username>'' label in top-right metanav with
 ''<icon_user> <username>''
   - Arrange ticket fields in a different way (i.e. order + two columns
 using `span4` ) .
   - Add icons in ticket scroll spy box
   - Clip ticket summary in scroll spy box to only display first line (i.e.
 `white-space: nowrap` ) .
   - Meta-data in activity feed at the top (deserves a separate ticket and
 further discussion)
   - Insert the header of activity feed into sticky panel (deserves a
 separate ticket and a generic design mechanism to do things like this by
 using other widgets as well)
   - Revert previous changes and move datetime, owner and reporter fields
 back to where they were before (maybe implemented in another ticket by
 refreshing existing patch).

 If anything else needs to be added to the list (something might br
 overlooked ''';)''' then feel free to add more items to the list .

 By doing things this way it will be possible to release these features
 while responsive UI is implemented concurrently .

 '''PS:''' This means that only web UI for desktops to the left has been
 analyzed , considering the fact that [#217 responsive capabilities] have
 to be installed for tablets and smartphones .

 ,, ... via ''Bloodhound'' quick create ticket dialog,,


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