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From "Apache Bloodhound" <>
Subject Re: [Apache Bloodhound] #146: Inline editing of objects
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2012 04:43:30 GMT
#146: Inline editing of objects
  Reporter:  jdreimann    |      Owner:  olemis
      Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  accepted
  Priority:  critical     |  Milestone:  Release 2
 Component:  dashboard    |    Version:
Resolution:               |   Keywords:

Comment (by olemis):

 After a lot of fighting against external js libs , I think I won the first
 battle and managed to implement in place editor for ticket checkbox fields
 . I have refreshed patches accordingly and updated application order
 mentioned before in comment:14 . Only frontend has been improved so it's
 still work in progress at the moment , as the backend still needs to be
 developed .

 New features described below .

 ==== Dashboard plugin ====

   - [ iPhone style
 checkboxes js library] added .
     ''MIT license''
   - Modifications for ''jEditable'' .
   - Architecture of Bloodhound editable data API modified to support
 references to functions
     in `data-edit*` attributes (by using `javascript:` prefix) .
   - iPhone checkbox jEditable type ... some minor enhancements still
 needed .

 ==== Theme plugin ====

   - Enhanced code to load values for select and checkbox fields
   - Changes for iPhone checkbox editable type propagated to render these
 controls in
     ticket view .

 This is closer to completion now ... at least the frontend is almost ready
 . This is what iPhone checkboxes look like . Feedback is welcome .

 [[Image(bh_theme_x_70_ticket_inplace_iphone_cb.png, width=600)]]

 Only editors for radio ticket type are missing ... coming soon .

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