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From "Apache Bloodhound" <>
Subject [Apache Bloodhound] Ui/Ticket modified
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2012 13:19:41 GMT
Page "Ui/Ticket" was changed by jdreimann
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Revision 2
Index: Ui/Ticket
--- Ui/Ticket (version: 1)
+++ Ui/Ticket (version: 2)
@@ -1,3 +1,29 @@
 This screen is still in its early stages, a mockup can be seen here:
+Here are some thoughts that went into creating this particular design:
+1. The status of the ticket should be immediately obvious.
+2. Comments should be shown in chronological order
+3. Summary, description and keywords are all different ways to
+describe the same thing, so they're grouped together on the page.
+   - I feel that keywords would be even better placed just below the
+Summary/Title, rather than below the Description, what do others
+Information on where the ticket is located within the structure is
+shown in the Breadcrumb (ie Product > Version > Milestone), and the
+ticket can be moved from there.
+As a last major point, I believe the Activity feed should be sticky,
+ie as you scroll down the page, the Activity feed stays in place. The
+top of it would dock to the top of the viewport, and it would have a
+total height equal to the viewport. The inside of the feed would be
+scrollable, but it would always be in the same fixed place on the
+screen. I'd see this work similar to how the secondary navigation
+'sticks' to the top once you start scrolling down the page in the
+Bootstrap documentation:
+(The Buttons, Navigation, etc bar)
+(I have omitted the cite/quote mechanism to highlight important comments for now, although
it was discussed on the bloodhound-dev mailing list. It doesn't seem ready for primetime yet.)

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