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From Mark Butler <>
Subject Using Bigtop to create / install RPMS with alternative layout
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2012 13:56:43 GMT

First thanks for Bigtop!

The client I am currently working for wants to create RPMs to install
Hadoop and friends in a custom layout, specifically



I note it is possible to reorganize the existing RPM layouts like this:

rpm -i hadoop- --relocate
/usr=/app/vscc/pkg/hadoop- --relocate
/var/log/hadoop=/app/vscc/run/hadoop/log --relocate
/var/run/hadoop=/app/vscc/run/hadoop/pid --relocate
/etc/hadoop/conf.empty=/app/vscc/run/hadoop/conf.default --relocate
/etc/default=/app/vscc/run/hadoop/default --relocate

However it would be nice to be able to specify this alternative layout
at build time, to avoid the complex RPM command at install time.

Also, preferably the client should not have to maintain its own
internal version of Bigtop.

Do you have any thoughts about the best way I could do this, so that
the changes could be incorporated back into Bigtop?

Not the new layout obviously, just the ability to configure the
packages in a new layout?

I have some ideas about this but I would be interested to here your
thoughts first?

best wishes,


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