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From Bruno Mahé <>
Subject Re: Looking for a Hadoop 1.X distro maintainer in Bigtop
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2012 08:10:19 GMT
On 06/21/2012 09:13 PM, Jun Ping Du wrote:
> Hello Bruno,
>       Thanks for your reply and forwarding material. Looks like it is a challengeable
role and lots of good thing to learn but I would like to be the part of this role to help
release manager in backport interesting patches. 
>       I have some experience (not much) in back porting patches from Hadoop-2.X to Hadoop-1.X,
but haven't gotten familiar with BigTop so I think back porting some simple patches as a ramp
up is necessary. Would you (or other BigTop contributor) help to nominate some jira issues
or patches for me to start with? Also, I didn't find dev process on BigTop wiki which should
be convenient for a new contributor to start with.
>       BTW, I am currently working at +8 timezone but try to contribute my effort after
official work, so in general there are several hours time overlap for each day (I suppose
most of you are working in Bay area). Do you think it is a big issue? 
> Thanks,
> Junping

Hi Jun,

First of all, do not worry about timezones. I do not see how it could be
an issue. The mailing-list is our main way of coordinating the work, so
we are all on the same boat.

Note also that I forgot to mention another point in my previous email:
As part as maintaining the branch-0.3, components can be updated to
their latest versions (ex: latest Apache Hadoop 1.X, latest Apache
HBase...) or you can ensure that compatibility is maintained with the
latest GNU/Linux distributions.
So people interested in that work will have the opportunity to test all
these points, report issues upstream (possibly along with some patches)
and make sure these issues will be fixed in upcoming releases so they
can be included in Apache Bigtop (incubating) 3.X releases.

Some easy patches (I looked at the resolved tickets for 0.4.0 and not
being marked as fixed for 0.3.0, see
* (provided that issue
is also applicable to the branch-0.3)
* (provided that issue
is also applicable to the branch-0.3)
* and its sister
* (puppet)

Regarding the dev process, just open a ticket on , attach your patch, wait
for a review/feedback and once consensus is reached, a committer will
integrate it.
The following pages may also help you to get familiar with Apache Bigtop

In order to make it easier for people willing to maintain the
branch-0.3, I repurposed all the jenkins jobs we had for the hadoop-0.23
Therefore, anyone can now:
* See the status of the builds for the branch-0.3 there
* Get built packages fresh out of the branch for testing:
* See some tests results:

In any case, feel free to send emails or to hop on irc (#bigtop on
freenode) if you have any question, issue or note.


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