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From Eric Baldeschwieler <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] BOM and supported platforms for Bigtop 0.4.0
Date Tue, 01 May 2012 04:13:53 GMT
So you are suggesting expanding the charter to include projects not hosted at Apache?

This is a new precedent and seems like it merits discussion.

On Apr 30, 2012, at 7:50 PM, Bruno Mahé wrote:

> I am not sure to follow.
> The charter hasn't changed at all.  Hue is  Apache licensed and related
> to Apache Hadoop. So I don't see any issue.
> It is not different from Apache Hadoop depending on other projects not
> being part of the Apache Foundation. These are just build dependencies.
> Restricting ourselves to Apache Foundation projects only would really
> limit the opportunities of Apache Bigtop. The same way if Apache Hadoop
> could only depend on dependencies being part of the Apache Foundation.
> On 04/30/2012 03:30 PM, Eric Baldeschwieler wrote:
>> A question...
>> The stated goal of BigTop is to package "official releases of the Apache Hadoop-related
projects".  I believe stated policy is to require that only official releases from Apache
projects can be packaged, no patches or development branches.  Do I have that right?  Has
Cloudera contributed Hue to Apache or are you suggesting a change to the charter of BigTop
to package vendor hosted projects as well as Apache Projects?  
>> Thanks,
>> E14
>> PS - Just looked up the incubating proposal: 
>>> Build, packaging and integration test code that depends upon official
>>> releases of the Apache Hadoop-related projects (HDFS, MapReduce,
>>> HBase, Hive, Pig, ZooKeeper, etc...) will be developed and released by
>>> this project. As bugs and other issues are found we expect these to be
>>> fixed upstream.

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