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From Bruno Mahé <>
Subject Re: Guarding against the use of upstream scripts
Date Wed, 02 May 2012 19:01:54 GMT
Please, see my reply inline.
But I find it odd to read at the same time such a strong worded email,
while asking why is this done this way. Usually strong words are used
once the situation is understood and clarified.

On 05/02/2012 11:44 AM, Matt Foley wrote:
> What is the justification for saying "what we are doing in BigTop", when it
> is diverging from what has been done for years in the Components?  It seems
> that this is carelessly discarding what is being practiced at a lot of
> sites, because you'd rather do it this way.

Apache Bigtop (incubating) has made the choice from the very beginning
to be close to what GNU/Linux distributions have been doing and what
sysadmins have been used to. This can differ with the experience one may
have with a tarball development of Apache Hadoop.

Keep in mind also that each component has its own way of doing things.
Each one having its own issues.
Apache Bigtop (incubating) smooth this up and provide an easy and
unified experience to users.

>  Generally speaking, we make
> the Hadoop Ecosystem easier to use by adhering to familiar usage, rather
> than diverging.  Please give reasons for the divergence.

I respectfully disagree.
In order to use pristine Apache Hadoop, one would have to be familiar
with its usage and its configuration. Apache Hadoop experience is only
familiar to people *already* familiar with Apache Hadoop.

So using upstream Apache Hadoop will imply a lot of reading through
forums, documentation and frustration.
For instance, Apache Bigtop (incubating) will pre-set the ulimits for
you, will set up the logging to well-known locations, provide init
scripts and make a pseudo-configuration available to users.

In a word, Apache Bigtop (incubating) has a different use case than
upstream Apache Hadoop and therefore will be different in some areas


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