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From Roman Shaposhnik <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Bigtop 0.4.0 release
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2012 01:31:36 GMT
Fellow Bigtoppers,

with Bigtop 0.3.0 now behind us it is that time again
when we have to talk about Bigtop 0.4.0. Keeping
up with our quarterly release theme I think it would
be fair to put a release date somewhere near the
end of June. The bigger question, though, is figuring
out what version of Hadoop Bigtop 0.4.0 is going
to be based on.

Let me put the stake in the ground and propose that
we make Bigtop 0.4.0 the first big data management
stack to be based on Hadoop 2.X (AKA Hadoop 0.23).

Given the rate of changes that go into the Hadoop 1.X
code line it seems like we can safely utilize Bigtop's
branch-3 for future releases based on it. IOW, if
we have to we can easily produce Bigtop 0.3.1, etc.

Finally, however wonderful Bigtop 0.3.0 ended up being
it surely lacked in one department -- we didn't have
a cool project name to brag about. To that end, here's
my most controversial proposal to date: I propose that
we name all future Bigtop releases according to the
alphabetical order of Artists/Writers/Thinkers who
had good things to say about Big data.

And thus, I present to you:
  Bigtop 0.4.0 AKA Datascientist Dostoevsky (DD)

Why? Well, because back in 1864, long before Richard
M. Stallman, he was warning us about the dangers of
what can be done to your private data in the cloud
computing (or big data) environment:
"All human actions will then, of course, be tabulated according to these laws,
 mathematically, like tables of logarithms up to 108,000, and entered
in an index;
 or, better still, there would be published certain edifying works of
the nature of
 encyclopedic lexicons, in which everything will be so clearly calculated and
 explained that there will be no more incidents or adventures in the world."


P.S. If that's not the most succinct description of how web companies
are using Hadoop to massage our click-stream and real-life data I don't
know what is ;-)

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