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From Mohammad Islam <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Oozie 3.1.3 (candidate 0)
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2012 23:02:10 GMT
Hi Roman,
Thanks for your feedbacks.

>I pulled the RC into Bigtop (both branches: trunk [based on Hadoop 1.0]
and hadoop-0.23) and noticed a couple of issues:

This version of oozie is not for hadoop 0.23.  It will come to the next release..

>1. this appears to be a binary tarball containing no source files. As far
>   as Apache release go -- the tarball is supposed to be a source tarball
 >  with an additional option of convenience binary artifact either in the same
 >  tarball or alongside with it.

I was following the HowToRelease instructions from HCatalog which doesn't said it. 
I had a chat with Alejandro on this last week. We thought we would include it in the next
Now I think we should do it in this release too.

  > 2. the name of the tarball and top level subdirectory has to be a full

  >version. For an apache incubating project the full version would be
 >  oozie-3.1.3-incubating. This has to be reflected in the name of the
  >source tarball and POMs.

Will do that.

  >3. it appears that your assembly plugin inserted an extra '/' between
  >oozie-3.1.3/ and 'docs' subdirectory. this results in a weird unpacking
  >errors with some of the tar's and GUI programs.

This one is not clear to me.
What is the error message and how did you get that?


>If you could, please, fix the above issues, I'd be more than happy to
>proceed with integration testing of the RC inside of Bigtop.


On Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 1:05 AM, Mohammad Islam <> wrote:
> Hi,
>>I have created a candidate build for Oozie-3.1.3. This is the first release of Oozie
from Apache Incubation.
>>Keys used to sign the release are available at
>>Please download, test, and try it out:
>>The release log, md5 signature, gpg signature, and rat report can all be found at
the above link.
> The release candidate source tag could be found at:
> It is tagged from this branch:
> Should we release this? Vote closes on Feb 8th.

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