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From Roman Shaposhnik <>
Subject [POLL] Defining a stack of components for the next release of Bigtop
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2011 21:55:04 GMT
This is a poll of opinion for a future vote on what should be a Bill
Of Materials for
the next version of Bigtop distribution. I will call a formal vote in
a week. Please
note, since we're targeting a few future releases here, the backup plan for
any such component is to remain at the version it is currently at in
Bigtop 0.2.0:

Version updates [with probabilities for unreleased versions]
   * Zookeeper 3.4 [very high]
   * Hadoop ( AKA AKA 1.0 ;-)) [very high]
   * HBase 0.92 [very high]
   * Oozie 2.3.3 [unknown] (tucu, any idea on what's going on with 2.3 branch?)
   * Whirr 0.6.0 (unless there's any reason not to)
   * Mahout 0.6 [unknown]
   * Flume 0.9.4 (subject to Thrift packaging, see bellow)

New components
   * HCatalog 0.2.0
   * Thrift 0.7.0
   * Avro 1.6.1 (unless there's a reason to stick with a different version)
   * Hama  0.3.0  (unless there's a reason to stick with a different version)


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