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From Roman Shaposhnik <>
Subject BIgtop 0.3.0 (was: [VOTE] Bigtop 0.3.0: target release date, supported platforms, bill of materials)
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2011 23:11:47 GMT
Pulling this into a separate thread:

First of all,  I wanted to reiterate that the proposal was
from a stand point of me volunteering for a RM role for
Bigtop 0.3.0. It was intended to reflect my personal confidence
and the consensus that we've built in other thread (obviously
given -1, the consensus wasn't really there :-().

> 1/ Latest openSUSE and Fedora are respectively 12.1 and 16

You're absolutely correct. I specifically didn't say "latest" versions,
but stuck with the current ones. Is there any reason you feel
so strongly about bumping the versions of these OSes?

> 2/ We should move trunk to Apache Hadoop 0.23 before January. By then a
> few projects should have fixed their compatibility issue with Apache
> Hadoop enabling us to push for a release with more than just Hadoop 0.23.

I disagree strongly. By doing that we would be making any future release
of Bigtop hostage of all the components that we have to support on top of
.23. I will expected quite a few of them not to have official releases
with .23 till at least mid 2012. Does it mean that we don't do release of Bigtop
between now and (worst case scenario) Mid 2012?

>From my point of view -- that would be mostly unfortunate.

> 3/ I thought we would base releases based on a ~ quaterly schedule and
> not features.
> Regarding 2/, we should probably do a last release before moving to
> Hadoop 0.23.X (probably X =1 or 2) and use that branch for future
> versions of Hadoop 0.20.20X as stable branch.

That is, essentially, why I started the vote. I strongly believe that having
a release in mid-end Jan 2012 with so much new stuff in it will be
very beneficial to the Bigtop community. We will be putting long anticipated
versions of components (such as HBase 0.92 and Zookeeper 3.4) into
the hands of the users and that's what Bigtop is meant to do.

Yes, I would like to stick to the purely quarterly release schedule myself,
but having a 20.20X based release end of Feb is going to feel odd at best.

So the choice is a simple one -- have the next release (I don't care what
version we give to it as long as it is monotonically increasing from 0.2.0)
of Bigtop 2 months from now (and have it based on 0.20.200X) or have
a release of Bigtop (worst case scenario) in 6 months.


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