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Subject svn commit: r1203932 - /incubator/bigtop/branches/hadoop-0.23/bigtop-packages/src/rpm/hadoop/SPECS/hadoop.spec
Date Sat, 19 Nov 2011 01:02:49 GMT
Author: bmahe
Date: Sat Nov 19 01:02:49 2011
New Revision: 1203932

BIGTOP-271. Kill the sbin package for hadoop 0.23


Modified: incubator/bigtop/branches/hadoop-0.23/bigtop-packages/src/rpm/hadoop/SPECS/hadoop.spec
--- incubator/bigtop/branches/hadoop-0.23/bigtop-packages/src/rpm/hadoop/SPECS/hadoop.spec
+++ incubator/bigtop/branches/hadoop-0.23/bigtop-packages/src/rpm/hadoop/SPECS/hadoop.spec
Sat Nov 19 01:02:49 2011
@@ -274,20 +274,6 @@ AutoReq: no
 %description libhdfs
 Hadoop Filesystem Library
-%package sbin
-Summary: Binaries for secured Hadoop clusters
-Group: System/Daemons
-Requires: %{name} = %{version}-%{release}
-%description sbin
-This package contains a setuid program, 'task-controller', which is used for
-launching MapReduce tasks in a secured MapReduce cluster. This program allows
-the tasks to run as the Unix user who submitted the job, rather than the
-Unix user running the MapReduce daemons.
-This package also contains 'jsvc', a daemon wrapper necessary to allow
-DataNodes to bind to a low (privileged) port and then drop root privileges
-before continuing operation.
 %setup -n apache-hadoop-common-a823266
@@ -442,8 +428,6 @@ fi
 %attr(0775,root,hadoop) %{log_yarn}
-%exclude %{lib_hadoop}/sbin
 %files doc
 %doc %{doc_hadoop}
@@ -498,8 +482,3 @@ fi
 # -devel should be its own package
 #%doc %{_docdir}/libhdfs-%{hadoop_version}
-%files sbin
-%dir %{lib_hadoop}/sbin

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