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From Johnathan Meehan <>
Subject Re: [Project Rename - INFRA Requests]
Date Sun, 19 Feb 2012 20:00:07 GMT
As you will have seen with Matt Benson's mail, the lists have been
moved. I've also updated the build to post to "awf-commits".

There were a couple of comments posted to the general INFRA-4426

"<danielsh> I've made the svn authz and mailer changes.  any mentor can
do the svn move for you.  enjoy"
"<danielsh> you aren't on svnpubsub so that's not an infra task -- do it

They both seem to relate to move of the source repository, so could a
mentor please help with that?

One more thing, it seems that we should update the incubator page
ourselves. I have in mind the following changes:

  Change deft.html -> awf.html
  Change project name from "Deft" to "AWF".
  Change mailing list details, and only those for now.
  Question: Add name change to news section, underneath Deft's

  Change project name from "Deft" to "AWF".

I am assuming that the "Current Podling Status" page should be left




On Sun, 2012-02-19 at 13:11 +0000, Johnathan Meehan wrote:
> Hi,
> For your information, I have created the following tickets with regard
> to the the project name change:
> Website:
> 	INFRA-4459 - Deft Project Rename - Main Website
> 	INFRA-4460 - Deft Project Rename - Confluence
> 	INFRA-4461 - Deft Project Rename - Podling Page
> Mailing List:
> 	INFRA-4462 - Deft Project Rename - Mailing Lists
> Bug Tracking:
> 	INFRA-4463 - Deft Project Rename - Jira
> Source Code:
> 	INFRA-4464 - Deft Project Rename - Subversion
> All are linked to the original request INFRA-4426, and as seen earlier
> in this list the change has been communicated to General. Could you
> please let me know if I have missed anything, or you spot any problems
> with the content?
> Thanks,
> Johnathan

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