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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: Assisted SPARQL editor as apache project?
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2012 12:46:29 GMT

The issue isn't so much which project but establishing a community 
around the codebase; after that it's just "details" and that isn't 
dependent on being an Apache project, sub-project or in incubation first.

So do email Jena as a means to the end of getting some people involved 
in  in interested sparqled - the Jena user list is probably the better 
place as you reach more people.


On 01/07/12 23:48, Giovanni Tummarello wrote:
> thanks Andy for these comments. The thing about AGPL3 queries, wow
> never thought of that :)
> we'll clarify these aspects for the next version.
> WRT to making it into an apache project, well most definitely i dont
> see it as sufficiently related to any23 to make it part of it.
> This could be much moreof interest to Apache Jena? maybe i should ask
> on that list?
> i feel such a newbie at successfully getting a project our as opensource.  :)
> i mean we have released several things before, but this one i really
> care for it to be picked up.
> Gio
> On Sun, Jul 1, 2012 at 6:55 PM, Andy Seaborne <> wrote:
>>> Giovanni,
>>> IANAL but one comment on SparQLed - you should probably state what the
>>> license situation for any generated query in the same way that parser
>>> generators or compilers do. They usually say "the output is not
>>> licensed".  I think that unless you do this, the output of the editor is
>>> under the license of editor itself, which is currently AGPL3.
>>> Other than that, I agree with Simone.  If there is connection to Any23,
>>> then the project can accept a software grant; if there isn't a separate
>>> incubator proposal is cleaner.
>>> You've said you are going to license under the Apache license - you
>>> don't need to submit to Apache to do that.  You can use the license now
>>> - the details are given in the appendix to the ASL 2.0 license.
>>>       Andy
>> Giovanni,
>> I took a quick look at the github, and saw a JeniT tweet.
>> I see that "This software contains code from the Flint SPARQL Editor
>> project. " (IIRC that is an MIT license).
>> Other bits say: "This software is copyright Aduna" which is 3-cluase
>> BSD-type.
>> Also, "works supported by the European FP7 project LOD2 (257943)." --
>> presumably DERI have copyright but is it exclusive to DERI?
>> Whichever route is taken, this will need to be clarified and it's easier
>> sooner rather than later.
>> I don't immediately see any blockers.  The third party copyright involved
>> needs handling correctly but the two I see are "Category A", and an Apache
>> project can include source code with the necessary text in NOTICE and
>> LICENSE files.
>>          Andy

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