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From Lewis John Mcgibbney <>
Subject Any23 Roadmap [WAS] Re: Googlegroup or Apache SVN
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2012 14:03:25 GMT
Hi tomasso. Thanks for your comments. I  am happy to progress with the
website task [1] but I think it would be beneficial to consider a few
points at this stage.
1) We discussed briefly moving the existing site documentation out of the
trunk codebase to its own separate directory within our Any23 SVN area.
Does anyone have any thoughts on running this over the ASF CMS? I have been
trying to get up to speed with it but to be honest I'm a bit unclear as to
where to get started with this... I'm waiting on hearing back from some
people I've asked but if anyone is up to speed with this then please say

So just to clarify...


Can you confirm that all recent changes made to the Googlecode can be
ported to the ASF Any23 code residing in our SVN area?

Thank you Lewis


On Saturday, January 7, 2012, Tommaso Teofili <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> first of all thanks Michele and Lewis for your efforts and Chris for doing
> your role of champion and mentor much better than me so far :)
> I think Chris clarified things well and I agree with his points,
> the project needs all the committers to get up to speed here so if any of
> you feels like needing any clarifications and/or support on doing
> then just let me know and I'll be happy to help out.
> By the way, I think that one thing that may be help users (especially when
> switching from GC to Apache) is having our website published; in fact
> is still "empty" while one thing that help us
> PPMC members to let the project develop is a roadmap.
> My 2 cents.
> Tommaso
> 2012/1/7 Mattmann, Chris A (388J) <>
>> Hi Michele,
>> On Jan 7, 2012, at 11:34 AM, Michele Mostarda wrote:
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> 1. Who are the Sindice team?
>> >>
>> >
>> > Giovanni Tummarello, Michele Mostarda, Davide Palmisano, Szymon
>> Danielczyk.
>> Gotcha, thanks.
>> >
>> >
>> >> 2. When was it agreed that they would or could even approve of
>> >> moving the code *after* the 0.7.0 release?
>> >>
>> >
>> > We didn't find an agreement, we continued developing on Any23 while
>> waiting
>> > for
>> > the initial code import on the Apache repository.
>> Well the "we" here is important. The only one of those folks you listed
>> above
>> that I've seen make any effort towards the code import at the ASF has
>> you. Hats
>> off to you. But things don't get done in Apache by waiting for things to
>> get done.
>> They get done by volunteers like yourself stepping it up and pushing for
>> stuff
>> to get done. I don't have a ton of time (or understanding) to do a lot of
>> the code
>> importing or development myself here, and that's fine, b/c what I do have
>> time
>> to do is to help you guys learn the Apache way and become familiar with
>> community. That's the role I'm trying to play here as mentor and as
>> Champion
>> for the project at the Apache Software Foundation. But others in the
>> Any23 community need to step up here too and do their work at the ASF.
>> >
>> > The Any23 Incubation proposal was accepted when the 0.7.0 release was
>> ready
>> > at
>> > 60%, we didn't expect an instant freeze of the code base, out of a
>> > milestone.
>> The Any23 (prior to Apache) team didn't have to freeze anything and it
>> probably
>> should have been better clarified where you guys were in terms of the
>> base as part of your Incubator proposal. But regardless, once the
>> was accepted in the Incubator there needed to be steps taken to start
>> getting the code to Apache. The process steps were taken (Software Code
>> Grant, etc.), but only recently over the past few months has there been
>> effort (led primarily by you and Daniel Shahaf by me minimally via my
>> nudging)
>> to get the code in to the ASF SVN.
>> Even if the code wasn't fully imported yet, I would expect development
>> towards
>> any releases outside of Apache to stop -- it's just easier. Why develop
>> both
>> places when nothing is stopping anyone from developing here at the ASF?
>> there is something stopping anyone on the Any23 team, please speak up?
>> >
>> >
>> >> It is my understanding that when you guys proposed for this to be
>> >> an Apache project, and when you filed a proposal to join the Incubator
>> >> that all of the parallel development at Google Code would stop,
>> >>
>> >> To be blunt:
>> >>
>> >> 1. There shouldn't be any parallel development release going on, or
>> >> code work going on at Google Code anymore.
>> >>
>> >
>> > Let's interrupt all the development on Any23. I will update the
>> > announcement,
>> > the 0.7.0 release will be done within the ASF.
>> OK great, but I wouldn't characterize anything as an interrupt -
>> what are we interrupting by saying that the 0.7.0 release will
>> occur at the ASF?
>> Are we not talking simply about:
>> 1. updated link to where to download the release tarball from
>> 2. updated package names in the code
>> 3. updated docs on the website
>> Correct?
>> >
>> > What we have to do with the releases from r1548 (we imported on the ASF
>> SVN
>> > the revisions
>> > from r0 to 1547) to r1607 (the latest commit on the Google SVN related
>> > the milestone 0.7.0) ?
>> > I would provide an incremental dump to be applied on the initial
>> > Please let me know.
>> That would work fine, but would involve ASF infrastructure as well, and
>> they
>> are also time limited. If you or any one of the other guys on Apache
>> want to spearhead it yourself, just create a JIRA issue here at the Any23
>> ASF JIRA to
>> track the provenance, and then do the svn import yourself. You should
>> the n

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