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From Antonio Sanso <>
Subject Re: Using Amber libraries in an OAuth provider
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2012 11:30:28 GMT
Hi Laszlo,

I have started using Amber not so long ago and I had similar doubts :)
I'll try answer some of your questions, see inline

On Feb 24, 2012, at 10:02 AM, Laszlo Hordos wrote:


I'm planning to implement my OAuth 2 authorization server and I'm looking for library I can
use to implement it. The Amber project looks very handy. I looked into the integration tests
and I see how handy but when I tied to find which API to implement for my token store and/or
OAuthServer I got a little confuse. I found this
issue so I think this is in progress.

it should be in progress although it seems a little stuck. Contributions are welcome :)

I'm very keen on using this implementation because I'm interested in a
initiative implementation with the latest OAuth2 specification and this project is fits well.

I checked the contribution and I noticed there is a peek in 2012 so I hope it continues and
alive. I can offer my help to drive this project towards so I can also use this framework
to implement my provider.

Please let me know what artifacts will remain in long term. I was confused between these two



The plan IIUC should be to move everything related to Oauth 1.0 to attic/sandbox/dormant and
in a second stage reuse as much as we can. See also [0].
Same should apply for your questions below.



I checked the original projects and
I assume the amber-spec-api will remain. I found two classes I assume the first will replace
the second.
Could you also give some information about future plan beyond
and the project status because shows me not
much activity.

Could you give me information about the relation between the amber-server, amber-signature-api
and amber-spec-api?

This confused me:

package org.apache.amber.server;
public interface Access extends Comparable<Long>

package org.apache.amber.server;
public final class Access implements Comparable<Long>

Laszlo Hordos


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