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From Sumit Mohanty <>
Subject Re: Reconfiguring services with client only components
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2013 15:00:29 GMT
Hi Adamos,

We will need some more info to figure out whats going on?

For the latest config update that you did, can you let me know if
* the config type/tag is persisted
> * exists in the "clusterconfig" table or,
> * through API - 
> api/v1/clusters/mycluster/configuration?type=your_custom_service_type&tag=your
> _new_version 
* the tag is selected at cluster level
> * row exists with "selected" being 1 for that type and tag
> * through API - api/v1/clusters/mycluster and check under the property
> "desired_config"
* there exists any entry for that type/tag in table "serviceconfigmapping"
> * existence of entries here indicates one reason for the issue (let me know if
> this is the issue and we can discuss a fix ­ essentially mimic the action of
> "ambari-server upgrade")
The other possibility is that Starting the service does not create any
command to re-install the client.  To confirm this, can you analyze/share
the ambari-server and agent logs when you issue the "Start" command.


Reply-To:  <>
Date:  Friday, October 4, 2013 3:49 AM
To:  "" <>
Subject:  Reconfiguring services with client only components


We use a custom service in our Ambari instance that comprises only of client
components (i.e. no daemons).

We used to control its reconfiguration by:

1. Stopping the service by changing the service state to INSTALLED
2. Changing the cluster configuration with a PUT in e.g.
http://localhost:8080/api/v1/clusters/myclusterwith the following body:
    "Clusters": {
      "desired_configs": {
        "type": "your_custom_service_type",
        "tag": "your_new_version",
        "properties": { }# properties here

3. "Starting" the service by changed the state to STARTED. Even though the
service would always remain in INSTALLED state (as being with client-only
components) it had the effect of applying the changed configuration.

We've recently synced our Ambari version with the latest from trunk and we
no longer see that behaviour (the configuration is not applied).

What would the correct way be of reconfiguring a service with client only

Thank you

Kind Regards

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