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From Satish Abburi <>
Subject Re: Ambari and Hue
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2013 22:44:45 GMT
Hi Jonathan, we just went through this scenario recently and got this
working. Here are the quick steps…if you have more questions, let me know,
i will hook up with the developer who worked on this.

    1. Hue communicates with JobTracker using Thrift service to get the job

                                Hue --> Thrift --> JobTracker

2.       When the JobTracker starts, it will in-turn try to start the
Thrift service.

3.       The thrift service, to get started, requires
"org.apache.hadoop.thriftfs.ThriftJobTrackerPlugin" class. This class is
taken from the Cloudera distribution. (hue-plugins-2.3.0-cdh4.3.0.jar
located at /usr/lib/hadoop/lib/)


                        We can also build this jar, in Horton by following
the link:

4.       The above said class requires "JobTrackerPlugin" class which is
not available in the Horton distribution. So, need to  add this class to
the library.

This class can be found at<>


On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 2:34 PM, Edwards, Jonathan <> wrote:

>  Fellow Ambari Users,
>  I've setup a Hortonworks cluster (HDP 1.3.2) using Ambari and have HDFS,
> MapRed, Hive, Hbase all working nicely. I've gotten ambitious and manually
> installed Hue – and been able to get it working, with the exception of
> JobTracker integration. The reason that I'm emailing the Ambari user group
> is that the ultimate issue seems to be that, although properly configured
> in the mapped-site.xml via Ambari and present in /usr/lib/hadoop/lib on the
> JobTracker node managed by Ambari, the Thrift plugin isn't loading – I
> suspect that the jar isn't being added to the class path by the startup
> commands issued from the Ambari server to the remote agents. Is there a way
> to view what the configured class path is for the job tracker? Is there a
> way to override the default behavior to include additional JobTracker
> plugin jars?
>  Regards,
>   *Jonathan Edwards*
> Technical Architect
> Senior Systems Engineering Consultant
> *Staples, Inc.*
> 1 Environmental Way | Broomfield, CO 80021**

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