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From Aaron Cody <>
Subject Re: need help with adding service to stack
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2013 01:52:29 GMT
Thanks Sid, ok well that didn't seem to get me any furtherŠ

Q: should I be adding my service to the 1.3.0 stack tree or the 1.2.x stack
Q: what determines the version?
Q: how do you map a service name to the actual rpm containing the service?

After adding my service, I'm rebuilding the ambari rpms (server/agent) and
putting them up on my yum repo .. then setting the priority of my repo to 0
so that it trumps yours Š so that when I do the usual 'yum install
ambari-server' it pulls down my rebuilt rpm Š that all goes fine, but when I
go into the web interface, define my two hosts and hit nextŠ it just sits
there 'installing' .. No progress .. No errors .. NothingŠ. I checked
passwordless SSH is configured correctly Š it isŠ.

Any ideas?

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