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From Vivek Padmanabhan <>
Subject Problems with installation and deploying using Ambari
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2013 05:10:56 GMT
I was trying out ambari to setup a cluster and we faced some of the 
below issues. Would be great if someone could throw some light on these;

a) Is it possible to run ambari with jdk1.7. We are seeing some 
communication failures while using 1.7 for ambari.
But prior to ambari we have tested our hadoop programs with 1.7 and 
everything went well. And all of
our code base is in 1.7. (we have no native apps)

b) After a cluster setup finished successfully,we are able to see the 
dashborad etc. But after few clicks or if i am accessing
it from a different machine it again redirects me to the installation page.

I figured out that manually entering the below urls only can help us. 
(our port is 585. and browser cache is cleared)

c) During our process of hadoop deployment and installation, some 
servers failed (ssh access) and some passed .
So we had to reset and start from the beginning. But this time those 
which passed earlier are failing now,
since it thinks that the ambari server is 'localhost' .

The property in the /etc/...ini file the server ip was proper. So, we 
tried the following in those failed machines

* Remove rpm,reset ambari - This did not work on retry
* Remove the rpm,delete /etc/ambari-agent, delete /usr/lib/ambari* , 
retry – It worked

Does this mean that the rpm -e did not remove all the files? Is there 
anything extra we need to care take in such scenarios

d) Hadoop installation and deployment gets successful at random retries. 
When it fails only message we saw was ;
ERROR ServiceComponentHostImpl:721 – Can’t handle 
ServiceComponentHostEvent event at current state, 
serviceComponentName=GANGLIA_SERVER, hostName=server233.xxxxxx, 
15:17:12,934 WARN HeartBeatHandler:233 – State machine exception


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