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From Jp <>
Subject Re: Building HDP Repo RPMS
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2013 11:46:37 GMT
The hadoop rpm in HDP repo  has the following rpms...


whereas the hadoop rpm released by apache has only

hadoop-1.0.4-1.x86_64.rpm  <>

Is it ok to use apache hadoop rpm instead of HDP hadoop rpm... ll ambari work fine?

If not how do we split thehadoop-1.0.4-1.x86_64.rpm  <>
  into different rpms as provided by

Is it possible to revert to manual configuration after using ambari? If so where do we find
the required conf files?
I dont see them in the statndard folder "/etc/hadoop"

On 14-Jun-13 3:23 AM, Yusaku Sako wrote:
> AFAIK, HDP is built using Bigtop.
> Haven't tested but looks like there are RPMs here:
> Yusaku
> On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 12:16 PM, Robin Carnow <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have a question about the set of hadoop rpms that are available in the HDP
>> and HDP-UTILS repos.
>> Does anyone know how the rpms are made?
>> I have a situation where I must use hadoop 1.0.4, but 1.0.3 is the latest
>> version used by ambari 0.9.
>> Is there any way to get or create the same set of rpms for hadoop 1.0.4 so
>> that they will work with Ambari 0.9?  Maybe there is build script that is
>> run?
>> I've looked through the rpms and some are just text files which I can use.
>> Some have binary executables which I guess would not work with a newer
>> version of hadoop.
>> I know that Ambari 0.9 is VERY old and I should not be using it.  I do not
>> have any choice in the matter.  I need a quick fix until I'm able to use
>> 1.2.
>> Any help would be much appreciated
>> Thank you,
>> Robin

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