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From peicheng Liao <>
Subject about AMBARI-666 ambari-web not login
Date Sat, 05 Jan 2013 14:32:23 GMT
Hi all:

I try to install Ambari-666 using the docs.

Ambari-666 Development - Apache Ambari (Incubating) - Apache Software Foundation

I start my ambari-server , and I  can it use

staus return "RUNNING"

Next I start ambari-web ,

#cd ambari-web
# brunch w
but not thing happend
so I turn on the

    port: 3333
    base: '/'
    run: no

    port: 3333
    base: '/'
    run: yes

05 Jan 09:02:16 - info: application started on http://localhost:3333/

so I try to login the web ( user "admin" password "admin" ),
I found it sent request to http://am1:3333/api/v1/users/admin
(am1 is my server hostname,i can connect am1)
When I try to open the url  to check , It return
"Cannot GET /api/v1/users/admin "

What kind mistake with me ?
Thank for your help ~

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