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From Jeff Vance <>
Subject Enhancing Ambari to support other file systems in addition to HDFS
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2013 23:23:32 GMT
A team at Red Hat is looking to expand the filesystem choices supported in Ambari to include
other Hadoop Compatible File Systems (HCFS), including Red Hat's filesystem based on GlusterFS.

We'd like to start a discussion on how to architect this capability in a way that fits in
with existing Ambari service configurations, is expandable, supports differences among the
various Hadoop compatible file systems, and is compatible with existing Ambari deployments.

There could be different levels of Hadoop Compatible File System "support". For example, a
bare-bones level could be that Ambari does not require HDFS to be running and does not interfere
with the HCFS service. The next level could be that Ambari provides some monitoring and statistics
for the HCFS. A higher level could be that Ambari can deploy the HCFS, etc.

We have opened JIRA AMBARI-1817 as an umbrella JIRA for HCFS support in Ambari. We welcome
community input.

Red Hat Big Data Team

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