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From Urs Lerch <>
Subject Re: Slight rework of apache alois papaer for IMF 2011
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2011 13:59:50 GMT
Hi Marcus

> One thing I cannot handle myself: Urs's figure 2 misses four components:
> a) An array from "dobby" to "lizard", implying message data flow for message
> analysis and correlation
> b) an array from "lizard" to "reptor" (not "reporter", indicating message flow
> for reports and alarms
> c) an array from "prisma" to "lizard", indicating the flow of messages for
> which there is no input filter (prisma) yet, but which can be analysed all the
> same
> d) an "s" in "prisma"

I reused this figure of IMSEC, so therefore these errors have a rather
long history. Since I only have the PNG and not the original drawing, I
cannot correct this in a few seconds, but need to completly redraw it. I
therefore think that I won't be able to do this today.  But I will
correct it in the final version.


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