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From Urs Lerch <>
Subject Re: ALOIS and data retention
Date Mon, 03 Jan 2011 15:26:40 GMT
Hi Marcus

Thanks for the input. I'll add this as soon as possible to our website.


Am Montag, den 03.01.2011, 11:33 +0100 schrieb Marcus Holthaus (IMSEC):
> Hi all
> In my lightning talk at 27c3 I said some lines regarding data retention, more
> or less like this:
> Currently there is much talk about data retention, However, most of us do not
> even now what loggable events they produce themselves. So one possible use of
> ALOIS would be to set up your own personal log management engine to get
> awareness on what logs you produce.
> Furthermore I said (and had an item on my slides) indicating that ALOIS is a
> dual-use tool.
> Let me make clear that in my opinion, ALOIS is just a tool, and neither an
> activity to prevent government data retention, nor one to further it. It is
> politically neutral. I think I came over like this in the talk,
> I think these statements should be put onto the web page. I propose this text:
> "ALOIS and data retention
> ALOIS is a great tool to collect and analyze logs. As a scalable open source
> tool it may be used in a personal environment to create a log of personal
> activities in much the same way as a state data retention would collect logs.
> It could therefore be used for personal awareness regarding what could and
> would be retained. However, not all of what state data retention would
> collect, is currently available to ALOIS. Most prominently, the mobile phone
> roaming data is only available on the mobile phones themselves, and although
> these devices are in the user's hand, getting that data to be transferred to
> ALOIS is as of yet not possible. There is work to be done on the mobile phone
> side to allow that.
> On the other hand, ALOIS is a dual-use tool and could be used in state data
> retention environments, As it was not intended to be used this way, as it
> contains functionality way beyond the collection for retention purposes and as
> it probably does not (yet) scale well enough for dumping massive data amounts,
> its use as a state data retention tool is unprobable and no such cases are
> known. However, it is open source software and may be put to any use.
> "

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