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From Urs Lerch <>
Subject Brand and logo
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2010 16:18:58 GMT
Hi all,

Working on the project website with the tool Apache Forrest, which I
find pretty cool I have to say, the question of an own brand and logo
came to my mind once again. In an earlier posting Marcus offered his

"Here's my idea: a frontal picture of a detective with a magnification
glass in  his hand, turned toward the spectator. His eye magnified
through the glass. The picutre detailed enough to allow for the
detection of an english classic trenchcoat, maybe a monocle dangling on
a chain from his pocket. The face unlike the depiction of any famous TV
or Movie character, but maybe not much of it is visible anyway. I
imagine the guy to have long white hair falling below the height of his
shoulders. All in all a decent appereance. No beard, or maybe a small
one (like they had in England a hundred years ago). The word "Apache"
above the picture, an "ALOIS" below. Maybe a frame and maybe the words
inside the frame. All of it in a two- or three-color style, with the
main color something between dark yellow and brown, maybe one darker and
one lighter tone. This would be the main color theme for ALOIS, then."

Since normally software developers are not the best graphical designers,
to say it in a polite way, I expected to find a platform for this in an
open source manner. Unfortunatly I haven't found one so far. I think I
will post this question on some mailing lists (Apache, gnome, to name

So far I only posted the question on the NOIS-list (NOSI is an
initiative pro open source software in non-profit organisations). I've
got one answer who found that the idea "makes sense, sounds very
engaging". He furthermore added his own idea: "I would want an intrusion
detector to be more like a bulldog or other 'guardian' meme". I would
like to learn what you think of this.

In the meantime I have used the default style of Apache Forrest for the
webpage. In addition, I have created an intermediate logo. I have
attached this with this mail, so you can give your feedback at it as
well. But I don't want to spend too much time on the design, as long as
there is content missing.


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