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From Urs Lerch <>
Subject Re: website, logo and brand
Date Sun, 24 Oct 2010 15:18:53 GMT

Generally spoken I think it is a good idea to let design work be done by
a professional designer. Making a contract, please make sure that the
licence is APL compatible.

As far as I have seen there are no special requirements for the logo. If
we use the Apache feather, then we have the foundation to accept the

Please pay attention that the logo is not overloaded. Maybe a few
examples are helpful (thus, no rating from my side):

The CSS theme should match the logo. So maybe the designer could can
deliver a first version.


Am Donnerstag, den 21.10.2010, 17:32 +0200 schrieb Marcus Holthaus
> Hi all
> Am 21.10.2010 16:55, schrieb Flavio Pellanda:
> > Hi,
> > 
> >> Is there anyone who wants to set up the Alois website? If not so, I
> >> would like to do it. Furthermore, I think it is best to start it small
> >> and neat.
> > Ok, good.
> Good for me, too. Is this about content or about design or both? Contentwise,
> Urs is the right guy. Designwise, I don't know - surprise me!
> >> Is there already a logo for Alois? Are there any ideas? Please come up
> >> with as much drafts as you can manage. So we could choose from a variety
> >> of ideas.
> > there is no logo  yet. Some years ago, Marcus wanted to make a picture with a 
> > detective on it, or something similar. However I cannot help, I never managed 
> > to create a logo that looked good.
> Yup, that's correct (the part about the detective). I know someone who might
> want to do it. What requirements do we have? Size, Colors, Trademaking,
> inclusion of any part of a feather ro the like? Can I reasonably hand that to
> someone who does not have a clue about the program? And considering I will
> probably have to pay for it (the guy would be a subcontractor of our company)
> I would really like to go into the ordering process with a bunch of ideas
> before asking him anything peculiar.
> Here's my idea: a frontal picture of a detective with a magnification glass in
> his hand, turned toward the spectator. His eye magnified through the fglass.
> The picutre detailed enough to allow for the detection of an english classic
> trenchcoat, maybe a monocle dangling on a chain from his pocket. The face
> unlike the depiction of any famous TV or Movie character, but maybe not much
> of it is visible anyway. I imagine the guy to have long white hair falling
> below the height of his shoulders. All in all a decent appereance. No beard,
> or maybe a small one (like they had in England a hundred years ago). The word
> "Apache" above the picture, an "ALOIS" below. Maybe a frame and maybe the
> words inside the frame. All of it in a two- or three-color style, with the
> main color something between dark yellow and brown, maybe one darker and one
> lighter tone. This would be the main color theme for ALOIS, then.
> By the way: Do we need a CSS theme or the like? Where would that be applied?
> And where does the feather go?
> Cheers
> -- Marcus

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