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From "Cory Johns" <>
Subject [allura:tickets] #7208 DOAP API for projects
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2014 20:45:12 GMT
Looks good for the most part, but there are a few things to address:

`name` should be populated with `project.shortname` while `dc:title` should get ``

Store the result of `self.admins()` instead of calling it multiple times in `Project.doap()`

Instead of adding a new library to the requirements, we should use [xml.etree.ElementTree](
 For example, the `Application.doap()` method could be converted to the following:

def doap(self, parent):
    """App's representation for DOAP API.

    :param parent: Element to contain the results
    :type parent: xml.etree.ElementTree.Element or xml.etree.ElementTree.SubElement
    feature = SubElement(parent, 'sf:feature')
    SubElement(feature, 'sf:Feature')
    SubElement(feature, 'name').text = self.config.options.mount_label
    SubElement(feature, 'foaf:page', {'rdf:resource': h.absurl(self.url)})

I'm not sure about selecting the output format.  We have some precedent for using a suffix
(i.e., `/rest/p/proj.doap`) in the feeds (e.g., `ForgeActivityController.__init__`), but that
seems like it would be difficult to implement in this case due to requiring modifications
to the controller dispatch.  I've also read some criticisms of including the output format
in the URI, and some people recommend using the `Accept:` header, but that makes debugging
the APIs in the browser more difficult.  If adding `Accept:` header support isn't too difficult,
I think that would be worth doing, otherwise, the way it is currently is probably fine.


** [tickets:#7208] DOAP API for projects**

**Status:** in-progress
**Milestone:** forge-backlog
**Labels:** allura-api 42cc doap 
**Created:** Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:04 PM UTC by Dave Brondsema
**Last Updated:** Mon Mar 03, 2014 03:57 PM UTC
**Owner:** nobody

Create a [DOAP]( API endpoint for allura projects. 
I think the URL should be /rest/p/projectname?doap (open to better suggestions).  It should
be XML that is similar in format to SourceForge (classic) DOAP files like
as much as possible.  A number of fields in that are not applicable to Allura, so just don't
include them.  It is okay for Allura DOAP to continue to use some of the "sf" namespace elements
like environment, database, etc (those are all the trove types of a project), as well as sf:awarded
(for awards, use the current Allura award system available via neighborhood admin pages).
 `<maintainer>` is for each project Admin and `<developer>` is for each Developer
on the project.

In addition to the basics, each tool should be able provide its own XML/RDF data to include.
 For example, SourceForge's internal mailman tool could provide `<mailing-list>` entries
and Files tool could provide a `<download-page>` entry.


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