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From "Dave Brondsema" <>
Subject [allura:tickets] Mass edit changes by Dave Brondsema
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2014 21:55:56 GMT
Mass edit changing:

- **Labels**: [u'performance', u'bitesize']

ticket: tickets:#7027 Cache /nf/tool_icon_css better

- **Labels**: performance --> performance, bitesize

ticket: tickets:#5176 Merge requests should show the date

- **Labels**: merge-requests --> merge-requests, bitesize

ticket: tickets:#5175 Merge requests should have a good <title>

- **Labels**: merge-requests --> merge-requests, bitesize

ticket: tickets:#7013 Remove openid support

- **Labels**:  --> bitesize

ticket: tickets:#6495 Screenshot admin UI improvements

- **Labels**: ux --> bitesize, ux

ticket: tickets:#5472 JS spinner uses a lot of CPU

- **Labels**:  --> bitesize

ticket: tickets:#4981 Ticket voting buttons should only display if you have permission to

- **Labels**:  --> bitesize

ticket: tickets:#4703 "Related" artifacts should indicate project/tool if referencing other

- **Labels**: for-support --> bitesize, for-support

ticket: tickets:#4849 printer-friendly (wiki) pages? [24296]

- **Labels**: support, p3 --> p3, support, bitesize

ticket: tickets:#5943 Post-setup instructions

- **Labels**: docs --> docs, bitesize

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