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From "zeromus" <>
Subject [allura:tickets] #2868 Incorrect gravatar used on user page [21867]
Date Sat, 04 Jan 2014 18:47:28 GMT
I just spent a bunch of time on IRC discussing this with Ori. I have brought the following
suggestions out of it which could have alleviated our confusion, or, in the case of 3), made
it never noticeable

1) describe what is meant by 'primary email address' in the /u/myname metadata setup. Here,
months ago, you say that its in the docs but it isnt intuitive:
So, add a link to that to /u/myname metadata setup. This should take 5 seconds.

2) allow users to specify an alternate email address besides `primary` for binding to a gravatar
icon in the /u/myname metadata setup. This is more of a feature request. It would allow users
more control over what happens, which would be especially welcome during this time of confusion.
Unfortunately, it sounds like real work. Finally, I'm not sure whether this is standard practice
for gravatar-using sites. If it is, you should probably follow suit, although I have no idea
because I don't use gravatar. 

3) I'm writing this here because it came out of the discussion on IRC, but it's a bad idea:
In order to solve confusion, you could redefine "primary email address" for /u/myname metadata
configuration to mean, such that it matches the approach taken by the pre-allura
account profiles. Well, that's inconsistent with the auto-selection of
which you guys have chosen, and I think the way you guys have done it is just fine, subject
to docs caveat in (1). 

The remainder of his post here seems to me to be about the confusing degree of incomplete
integration of allura onto the site (there are at least two mostly-independent profile systems
choosing different email addresses for gravatar binding and getting used at points throughout
the site which seem random if you dont know which parts are allura and which parts arent).
But I could be just as confused.


** [tickets:#2868] Incorrect gravatar used on user page [21867]**

**Status:** open
**Labels:** support p3 
**Created:** Tue Sep 27, 2011 01:55 PM UTC by Chris Tsai
**Last Updated:** Sat Jan 04, 2014 06:33 PM UTC
**Owner:** nobody

>On the user page is a gravatar used that is resolved
on the private email address from the user.

>Since the private email address or at least its gravater is not publicly associated with
the sourceforge user account, this gravatar should not be shown at all. This might indirectly
reveal personal information that the sourceforge user would not like to communicate to the
outside world, especially when the user has no further control over this.

>Please use the gravatar for only the email address, not for the private
email address. In this way the user has complete control over which kind of avatar is associated
publicly with his or her sourceforge account.

>Implementing this improves privacy of the user and prevent possible embarrassment or unintended

Further comments from the user (before I posted any reply):

>Apparently when one creates a gravatar for email address, this
is used by default over the gravatar of the private email address. This should be made clear
in the documentation and on the form to manage the user account.

>Also I'd recommend not to use the gravatar of the private email address at all and make
it clean to the user what is happening so he or she only needs to worry about gravatar of and knows that NEVER a gravatar of the privare email address will be


>Hmmm, still the account is not used as the preverred one. This
might be concluded from (hence my previous post)
but is not the case for



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