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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: RFC: LICENSE and NOTICE cleanups (ASF release)
Date Tue, 24 Sep 2013 21:40:53 GMT
I think sebb's comments could be interpreted either way :)  But it sounds like
we agree that it's better not to have extra LICENSE & NOTICE files that may
confuse people.

I like Peter's suggestion of keeping them in the source so that they're ready if
we need them later for PyPI releases, and then have a little release script to
remove them from the tarball.  A little release script could be nice anyway to
make sure we don't fat finger any details (git archive params, proper filename,
add git tag, create hash files).  We would have to keep them both maintained
when we add new bundled dependencies.

I also see Cory's point that we might not even need the per-package LICENSE &
NOTICE files if we release via pypi.  But if we do end up needing them, then
splitting them back out of the combined top-level file to reconstruct
individually could be difficult and error-prone.


On 9/24/13 3:32 PM, Cory Johns wrote:
> I'm not arguing that he didn't suggest that we *should* have only a single
> LICENSE and NOTICE file, but that is different than *must*.  I was also
> reading that in context of the previous statement that the top-level
> LICENSE and NOTICE files were incorrect and, subsequently, that the extra
> files were confusing.  I took that to mean that if the top-level files were
> correct, the additional files would be less of an issue.  Particularly when
> taken together with Marvin's message in the [DICSUSS] thread [1] explicitly
> discussing the sub-package LICENSE and NOTICE files; his advice was they
> needed to be reduced to be minimally complete for their respective
> sub-package, just like the top-level LICENSE and NOTICE file must be
> minimally complete for the whole release.
> That said, I do think that it might be better to remove the extra LICENSE
> and NOTICE files, particularly since we won't be distributing the
> individual PyPI packages through ASF channels so it is quite possible that
> the legal requirements do not apply (and the file headers should be
> sufficient for PyPI).
> [1]
> On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 2:36 PM, Peter Hartmann <>wrote:
>> W dniu 24.09.2013 o 20:27 Cory Johns <> pisze:
>>  Sebb didn't say that we *must* have *only* top-level LICENSE and NOTICE
>>> files, just that: 1) the top-level LICENSE file was incomplete and the
>>> top-level NOTICE file contained items it shouldn't; 2) that (possibly
>>> because of point 1) the LICENSE and NOTICE files in the sub-directories
>>> would be confusing to the reviewers and end-users.
>> With respect, I think he said exactly that:
>> "There should be a single NOTICE and LICENSE file in the parent
>> directory (allura/) which covers all the contents (and nothing else)."
>> At least that's the way I read it, "single NOTICE and LICENSE (...) and
>> nothing else" looks and sounds quite definitive to me.
>>   Trying to come up with some process or program to add or remove licenses
>>> when building a release might be nice, but I'm not sure that it should
>>> block our initial release.
>> I'm pretty shure it shouldn't :)
>> On a NOTICE point, if that's how it is determined - perfectly fine.
>> Perhaps I'll propose some better wording to these legal docs, If I'll be
>> able to someday :(

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