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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: how to move tickets from SourceForge to ASF Allura
Date Mon, 09 Sep 2013 15:19:54 GMT
Subscriptions & votes won't migrate, really.  Anyone subscribed to updates on a
SourceForge Allura ticket won't be subscribed to the Apache Allura ticket.
Idea: send a one-time email from SourceForge saying that the ticket is now moved
and you can create an account on the new site and re-subscribe.

Votes: we can't migrate who specifically voted for a ticket.  We should be able
to migrate the total # of up & down votes, though.  But first we need to expose
the vote numbers in our API, so that they can be exported.

On 9/6/13 11:39 AM, Dave Brondsema wrote:
> We should move our tickets from to
>  There's a lot of tickets there, and
> the hardest part I think is that its a mix of Allura tickets and non-OSS
> SourceForge tickets too.  (Lately we've been making non-Allura tickets private,
> and also using different milestones, but that's not 100% true for all the
> tickets on SF).
> I want to propose a few options for how we want to handle the Allura tickets and
> then after that, SourceForge can figure out how to adapt some of its other needs
> for internal tickets, related tickets, scheduling, etc.
> 1) Clean start; don't move any tickets.  Easy, but a lot of context and history
> will be left on SF.  Also there are many open tickets that would have to be
> re-created.
> 2) Move open Allura tickets, preserving ticket #s (or, possibly, giving them new
> numbers starting at 1).  This would leave behind closed tickets that aren't
> "current" any more.  We would have to sort out what open tickets are "allura"
> tickets and which are not.
> 3) Move all Allura tickets.  We would have all of the project history in one
> place.  But it would take even more time to sort through all the tickets to
> determine what is "allura" and should be moved, and what should not.
> I prefer option 3.  It's more work but will be very helpful to have all tickets
> in one place.  I have pretty good knowledge of all the tickets and can be the
> one to sort out which to move and which to keep on SF.
> As far as the technical work to do a move, we can export all the data using the
> APIs.  And we can write an import utility which handles the Allura api/export
> format (which would be good to do anyway).  Many usernames wouldn't match up,
> and would have to be changed to "anonymous" or create a stub user in Allura (my
> preference).  Cross-references (to wiki pages, chat logs, SF site-support
> tickets, etc) would break.
> How does that sound?  Any other suggestions?

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