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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject how to move tickets from SourceForge to ASF Allura
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2013 15:39:40 GMT
We should move our tickets from to  There's a lot of tickets there, and
the hardest part I think is that its a mix of Allura tickets and non-OSS
SourceForge tickets too.  (Lately we've been making non-Allura tickets private,
and also using different milestones, but that's not 100% true for all the
tickets on SF).

I want to propose a few options for how we want to handle the Allura tickets and
then after that, SourceForge can figure out how to adapt some of its other needs
for internal tickets, related tickets, scheduling, etc.

1) Clean start; don't move any tickets.  Easy, but a lot of context and history
will be left on SF.  Also there are many open tickets that would have to be

2) Move open Allura tickets, preserving ticket #s (or, possibly, giving them new
numbers starting at 1).  This would leave behind closed tickets that aren't
"current" any more.  We would have to sort out what open tickets are "allura"
tickets and which are not.

3) Move all Allura tickets.  We would have all of the project history in one
place.  But it would take even more time to sort through all the tickets to
determine what is "allura" and should be moved, and what should not.

I prefer option 3.  It's more work but will be very helpful to have all tickets
in one place.  I have pretty good knowledge of all the tickets and can be the
one to sort out which to move and which to keep on SF.

As far as the technical work to do a move, we can export all the data using the
APIs.  And we can write an import utility which handles the Allura api/export
format (which would be good to do anyway).  Many usernames wouldn't match up,
and would have to be changed to "anonymous" or create a stub user in Allura (my
preference).  Cross-references (to wiki pages, chat logs, SF site-support
tickets, etc) would break.

How does that sound?  Any other suggestions?

Dave Brondsema : : personal : programming

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