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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: allura instance at Apache is UP
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2013 16:18:35 GMT
On 8/22/13 9:45 PM, Ross Gardler wrote:
> Remember that as an incubating project you must be certain to
> communicate this. One way this is done is by having all your web
> resources at
> In your case there is a good reason to move to the allura instance but
> please be sure to adequately communicate the incubation status.
> It would also be good to update
> (which still shows
> Sourceforge resources.

Thanks for the reminder.  I've updated the git location which changed some time
ago, and will update others as they get moved off of SourceForge

> Sent from my Windows Phone From: Dave Brondsema
> Sent: 8/22/2013 2:49 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: allura instance at Apache is UP
> Acting on lazy consensus, I've started to fill out the project menu by adding
> several external links until content is moved.  (
> is a good read on lazy
> consensus.  There's quite a lot of good info on that site about Apache
> processes)
> Any update on inbound & outbound email, Tim?
> I also have noticed that
> frequently says "The
> metadata for this repository is missing. To fix, please try a refresh." and a
> refresh fixes it, but then it comes back (presumably after cron pulls in new
> commits).  So that's something else to put on our TODO list :)
> -Dave
> On 8/19/13 12:50 PM, Dave Brondsema wrote:
>> Thanks to infra, we now have up and running.
>> It has SSL (unlike before) so it's good for us to log in and start using it.
>> Email routing should be set up, but Tim Van Steenburgh is checking on it and we
>> may need to make some code changes -
>> What overall direction do we want to take with this Allura instance?  Right now
>> it just has the Allura project on it:
>> (and a few test projects) And that just has the git code browser (updated via
>> cron).  I am thinking we should make
>> be the main page for everything related to allura.  So, start moving over
>> content from like wiki, chat logs, tickets.  Also move
>> content from over.  (and set up redirects on
>> both of those).  We can also add links to our docs, jenkins build status, etc
>> (although the wiki has those sorts of links too).
>> And on a more technical level, I think there's a lot of work cut out for us on
>> our Allura instance.  Here's what comes to mind (many of these have tickets for
>> them already, I think):
>> * add logo & name to header
>> * customize home page
>> * disable OpenID login (since that feature doesn't even work)
>> * disable new projects (make Allura-only for now)
>> * disable forking (no git server running for it to work)
>> * CSS fixes in standard theme
>> Oh, and what about logins?  We could authenticate with Apache LDAP, but that
>> would restrict it to ASF committers only.  I think letting anyone make an
>> account so they can report a bug, make a comment, etc would be good.  I don't
>> have any great ideas of how to use both LDAP + separate allura-only accounts.
>> We can also get all PMC members set up as admins on the site.  Just let me know
>> your username and I can add you.

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