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From "Dave Brondsema" <>
Subject [allura:tickets] #6535 Ticket import for github
Date Fri, 30 Aug 2013 14:14:34 GMT
Good start.  Some improvements and fixes to do:

*For the project importer form:* underscores and periods are allowed in github repo names,
so the validator needs to be updated for that.

The values for `open_status_names` and `closed_status_names` look like they were copied from
the Google Code importer.  Update them to match github value(s).  `EnableVoting` was set for
Google Code since there were 'star' values that were converted to votes.  I don't think Github
has anything similar, right?  So let's not turn voting on the tracker then.

On comments, "originally posted by" should be at the top of the comment, rather than the bottom.
 And all the "originally" lines should have the username be a link to the user's page on github.
 (Google Code import does this, including a check in case the user doesn't exist any more).

Got the following error when importing "rauhryan/huboard".  Besides fixing this particular
issue, I wonder if we want a try/catch around the attachment handling if we think that it
potentially could have errors on other input that we don't expect yet.

  File "/home/dbrondsema/dbrondsema-1019/forge/ForgeImporters/forgeimporters/github/",
line 50, in import_tool
    self.process_fields(ticket, issue)
  File "/home/dbrondsema/dbrondsema-1019/forge/ForgeImporters/forgeimporters/github/",
line 74, in process_fields
    body, attachments = self._get_attachments(issue['body'])
  File "/home/dbrondsema/dbrondsema-1019/forge/ForgeImporters/forgeimporters/github/",
line 132, in _get_attachments
    found_matches = re.finditer(REGEXP, body, re.IGNORECASE)
  File "/var/local/env-allura/lib64/python2.7/", line 186, in finditer
    return _compile(pattern, flags).finditer(string)
TypeError: expected string or buffer

We should pull the `events_url` API and put all the status changes into comments (formatted
just like regular Allura ticket status change comments).

I'm pretty sure all the URLs we fetch from Github need to handle pagination, so that all the
tickets/comments/events are fetched.

Github markdown has a few minor differences that we should try to convert.  I've created a
new ticket [#6622] for it.  We can tackle that later, once this is ticket is done.

Like, [#6533] this should have a controller for importing onto existing projects (it'll show
up on the Import admin menu).

It looks like this branch includes commits from [#6533].  I want to make sure this is easy
to rebase & merge into master when we're done.  Perhaps you want to have just one branch
for the github tickets you're working on?  Not sure what works best for your workflow.  At
any rate, if you can rebase when ever you merge branches together, that'll help keep the commit
chain simple and ready for master.


** [tickets:#6535] Ticket import for github**

**Status:** in-progress
**Labels:** github import 42cc 
**Created:** Wed Aug 07, 2013 10:05 PM UTC by Dave Brondsema
**Last Updated:** Fri Aug 30, 2013 12:21 PM UTC
**Owner:** nobody

Use the github api for issues
to import tickets into allura.  You can use ForgeImporter's GoogleCodeTrackerImporter (at
time of writing, cj/6464 on the apache repo has the latest code for it) and TracTicketImporter
as reference.

Import all the fields & values possible, including comments, events (e.g. status changes)
and attachments.  See the Google Code and Trac importers for examples of setting up the custom
fields as needed, and referencing the remote users (keep the tickets & comments as anonymous
and add identification with link into the body).


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