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From Peter Hartmann <>
Subject Re: How do we handle an Incubator release
Date Thu, 23 May 2013 21:10:29 GMT
On 23.05.2013 21:56, Dave Brondsema wrote:
> To help us move along towards the release, I ran the Release Audit Tool again
> and fixed up some missing headers and added .  They were pretty trivial changes
> so I did them on master, they can be reviewed here in case I did anything wrong:
> After that, I was left with just one file without license info:
> Allura/allura/tests/data/unicode_test.txt  I wasn't sure what to do with that.
> It looks like it was sourced from somewhere else and I couldn't find a license
> for it.  But it's just test data, so maybe it doesn't need a license, or maybe
> we can remove the test that uses it.  Thoughts?
Hey Dave. I had a real tough week, so I haven't really made much work on 
that. My apologies.

I did some heavy research on that file while doing a set-up for RAT and 
initial audit. In fact, one software package has removed it, due to the 
statement on author's website:

However, the file is distributed along with an Unicode fonts set, and 
here's what author has to say about it:

 > The copyright status of these fonts remains the same as for the 
original fonts in the X11 distribution

And the fonts are under public domain (copyright information is 
available in each individual .bdf file). As per ASF guidelines, public 
domain is handled by adding an attribution line to NOTICE. Don't really 
know why I haven't done it back then.

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