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From Peter Hartmann <>
Subject Contributors, please add license headers to your work
Date Wed, 08 May 2013 20:08:22 GMT
Not all developers are visiting irc, and this should probably get 
announced anyways, so here I go :)

Apache Software Foundation's legal policy is to add a license header to 
every source file created within ASF project or donated to it:

Recently, work has been taken to adopt all our codebase to this 
requirement, but our software is constantly being developed and as such, 
we need to take care of this all the time. Therefore, all developers are 
asked to add a license header, as specified in the link above, to the 
code they are contributing.

This isn't a big deal and as long as you have CLA filed, someone else 
may fix that for you later. However, by adding a header, you make it 
clear that you're willing to license your code under Apache License and 
that you yourself solidify that willingness :)

Be aware that this applies ONLY to code written under CLA, or 
contributed with clearly stated will do donate the code to ASF project 
(the latter usually happend with one-time donations, e.g. minor 
patches). Do not, under any circumstances, add license header to a 3rd 
party code, and do not replace any license headers already available in 
the 3rd party code. These sources are to be left as-is and, if they are 
licensed at all, mentioned in the LICENSE file with their license copied 
there. Read the ASF legal doc linked above, look at LICENSE and NOTICE 
files to get an impression of how it's done. When in doubt, ask here on 
the mailing list - I'm no expert but after reading a ton of ASF 
guideline documents and legal team's JIRA tickets, I may be of some 
help. And other devs may be more knowledgeable.


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