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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: How do we handle an Incubator release
Date Wed, 08 May 2013 14:58:23 GMT
I wonder if maybe we should do a simple first release (e.g. tarball of the whole
thing, if that's the easiest option).  Then we could get our first release out
sooner.  We can also work through any licensing/procedure concerns on the first
release(s) and not have to worry about technical complexities at the same time.

On 4/18/13 2:24 PM, Dave Brondsema wrote:
> From a technical standpoint, many of the packages like ForgeBlog, ForgeGit,
> ForgeTracker, etc are independent and could be packaged separately.  But I'm
> having trouble visualizing what would be in our core package.  The "Allura"
> python package can't run on its own, it is dependent on the ForgeWiki (as a
> default tool for new users).  And some top-level files and folders are needed
> too (e.g. solr_config/ and maybe requirements*.txt)  The NoWarnings and
> AlluraTesting packages are needed for running the Allura package tests too.  So
> not that it can't be done, but delivering each python package as its own tarball
> could require some effort.  I suppose that may be something we have to go
> through anyay to make pypi releases work.
> Also if someone wanted to install many or all the Allura tools, it would be more
> convenient to have a whole package rather than over a dozen separate packages.
> On 4/18/13 11:54 AM, Peter Hartmann wrote:
>> As part of our graduation process from Incubator, we (Allura contributors) must
>> demonstrate our ability to make an official release, in line with ASF
>> guidelines. It seems that throughout last year all technical and legal obstacles
>> have been removed and we're ready to start working on getting a release out. As
>> per we also want to make a
>> release on PyPI and somehow synchronizing these two releases would be a sane
>> thing to do.
>> The most basic way we may do Incubator release is simply get a repository
>> tarball on a public Apache server. This has the merits of being very
>> straightforward and it seems to be most popular option among other projects.
>> I've proposed on IRC that we may also release every module that forms Allura
>> codebase as a separate tarball. The rationale behind this is that in process of
>> making a release on PyPI, each module will have to be packaged separately
>> anyways. PyPI/pip/setuptools also can work with tarballs and by keeping a single
>> set of distributed archives we can avoid possible confusion on that part. Same
>> tarballs would be uploaded to PyPI and Apache servers.
>> It would be an unusal way to do things, but doesn't seem to conflict the
>> guidelines:
>> Release process can of course be modified later on, and the way we make releases
>> is important enough to be discussed by whole community here. Anyone's input is
>> welcome, so are any new proposals on the matter.

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