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From Peter Hartmann <>
Subject How do we handle an Incubator release
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2013 15:54:05 GMT
As part of our graduation process from Incubator, we (Allura 
contributors) must demonstrate our ability to make an official release, 
in line with ASF guidelines. It seems that throughout last year all 
technical and legal obstacles have been removed and we're ready to start 
working on getting a release out. As per we also want to make a 
release on PyPI and somehow synchronizing these two releases would be a 
sane thing to do.

The most basic way we may do Incubator release is simply get a 
repository tarball on a public Apache server. This has the merits of 
being very straightforward and it seems to be most popular option among 
other projects.

I've proposed on IRC that we may also release every module that forms 
Allura codebase as a separate tarball. The rationale behind this is that 
in process of making a release on PyPI, each module will have to be 
packaged separately anyways. PyPI/pip/setuptools also can work with 
tarballs and by keeping a single set of distributed archives we can 
avoid possible confusion on that part. Same tarballs would be uploaded 
to PyPI and Apache servers.

It would be an unusal way to do things, but doesn't seem to conflict the 

Release process can of course be modified later on, and the way we make 
releases is important enough to be discussed by whole community here. 
Anyone's input is welcome, so are any new proposals on the matter.

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