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From Alvaro del Castillo <>
Subject Re: Lowering the bar to committer rights?
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2013 03:48:50 GMT
Hi Rich,

El lun, 07-01-2013 a las 12:38 -0500, Rich Bowen escribió:
> I'd like to draw people's attention to the conversation on the 'comdev' 
> mailing list:  
> Since Benson has done such a great job of articulating my position, 
> I won't offer a lot of commentary to go along with it.
> While I think that we've already done a good job of welcoming contributors, 
> I wonder who else is out there that might be a good addition to our project.

I feel that there are more and more competition trying to get a
community around an Open Source project, so lowering the bar for
committer rights is a good thing. In the post subversion is the SCM tool
talked about. git, mercurial or bazaar are better technologies in order
to give commits rights since it is really easy to revert and control the

I think that in order to lower the general entry for a project you need
other basic things: be reactive to newcomers, help newcomers (maybe with
a mentorship system) and be clear about the roadmap of the project and
the areas in which more help is needed. In GNOME for example there is
the GNOME Love project [0] a place to learn how to start contributing to
GNOME. But I don't want to open so much the discussion!

I feel that the decision in Allura to concentrate the development in the
same git using branches has been a great one. And lowering the commits
rights will be in the same direction trying to create a successful


|\_____/| Alvaro del Castillo
 [o] [o] - CTO, Software Engineer
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