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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject commit & merge practices for Allura
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2012 16:33:21 GMT
So now that we have several new committers on Allura, I think its time to talk
about how we want to handle reviewing & merging code into Allura.  I'll give an
overview of how we at SourceForge have been doing it so far, but I think it will
need some modifications.

1. create a ticket for the issue
2. assign the ticket to yourself
3. create a branch (we name them with our initials and ticket number, like db/1234)
4. commit & revise as much as needed on that branch, until ready
5. change the ticket status to "code-review" and put enter another developer
into the QA field
6. the "QA" developer reviews the changes in the branch, to make sure the code
is good, functionality is correct, no performance or security concerns, tests
are present, etc
7.  the reviewing developer merges the branch to master and closes the ticket

This works well for us, so personally I'd be interested in continuing a process
similar to this.  However, I think #5 at least needs more thought.  Since
SourceForge has several full-time developers working on Allura (and other
internal things too), we work on a lot of tickets, and regularly check our QA
queue to review each others' tickets.  How do we get the rest of the Allura
committers involved?  Assigning tickets to people puts a responsibility on them
to do that review, which isn't appropriate at Apache.  Maybe we could just
change tickets to "code-review" status and not assign a reviewer.  Then there
would be a pool of tickets and anyone can take any ticket from that pool to
review it.  SF employees would probably take a lot of them, but that's ok, at
least it wouldn't be exclusive to us then.

What do others think about this process?  Changes to it?  Something completely

I think it'd be good to get a broad perspective here, opinions from SourceForge
devs, our newer committers, mentors, and anyone else is encouraged

Dave Brondsema : : personal : programming

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