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From Alvaro del Castillo <>
Subject Re: contributing the bitergia metrics tool (was Re: Incubator PMC/Board report for Dec 2012 ([ppmc]))
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2012 09:51:09 GMT
Hi Dave!

El lun, 17-12-2012 a las 15:08 -0500, Dave Brondsema escribió:
> On 12/13/12 4:45 PM, Rich Bowen wrote:
> > 
> > Alvaro's and Jesus's contribution to this project is all about statistics -
> > statistics that are very valuable in measuring the activity and health of a
> > project. We, the Allura project, are VERY interested in this kind of statistic.
> > 
> Alvaro, would you like to commit the bitergia metrics front-end to the Allura repo?

Sure, I am finished other tasks in order to have a 2-3 days window to
commit the bitergia metrics frontend and work in a integration with
metrics grimoire backend tools (cvsanaly, bicho and mlstats).

> We had some conversations about it here a few months ago, and even voted to have
> you join the PMC so that you could contribute more directly.  But we have
> forgotten about this a bit I guess, and I wanted to revive the topic.

I have not forgotten it! But I have been a bit busy. 

> I saw a test commit from you a while ago, so I don't think there's anything
> blocking you from contributing this.  Unless there is still some GPL code -
> we're trying to factor out the GPL code, not add more to our repo :)

All the code we are going to upload will be under Apache license. And
our dependencies:

* Flotr2: MIT
* Envision: MIT
* Gridster: MIT
* jQuery: MIT

This Javascript community seems to like MIT license :)

I think there are no probs using MIT license in Apache projects.

> You could put it in a branch initially.  I think it'll be ok to merge to master
> after we make sure it plays well with the other tools.  Probably just need to
> set status='beta' since it doesn't work out-of-the-box for projects yet.

Great! I have this task near top priority so I hope to start it this
week and finish next week.

We have made some big advances in our metrics visualizations. I hope I
can integrate as much as possible into Allura:

Use the navigation box at the upper left corner to travel.


> -Dave

|\_____/| Alvaro del Castillo
 [o] [o] - CTO, Software Engineer
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|\_____/| Alvaro del Castillo
 [o] [o] - CTO, Software Engineer
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