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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject what goes in the core Allura repo (was Re: Presentation and Metrics work in Allura)
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2012 13:25:41 GMT
On 10/5/12 8:42 AM, Alvaro del Castillo wrote:
> Hi all!
> El mié, 11-07-2012 a las 10:07 +0200, Alvaro del Castillo escribió:
>> Hi guys,
>> It is just a first try of the technology and possibilities. And now it
>> is time to define next steps, cleanup code and work with Allura
>> community in order to decide the best way to implement things.
>> The source code for the module is in:
> We have moved the code to Sourceforge and works in a fork from git
> Allura. We have sent a "merge request" to Allura project in order you
> can see exactly the code of the module.
> Our plan is to continue from now working in this Allura git for inside
> Sourceforge in order to do "merge request" as development goes on.

First off, as I mentioned in my email about the user profile/skills merge
request, I hope we can provide better feedback faster and not leave such big
contributions hanging like this :/

I think my basic question here is what tools should go in the main Allura repo?
Very open ended question for anyone in this new community to voice their opinion on.

The current Allura repo has Blog, Discussion, Git, Hg, SVN, Link, Tracker, and
Wiki.  It also has some "beta" tools like Activity, Chat and ShortUrl.  The Hg
tool we've already discussed moving to a separate repo due to GPL licensing.
SourceForge has some internal tools in a separate repo, and we have a Pastebin
tool open source but completely separate from Allura at

One of the great advantages of the Allura tool system is that they are very
pluggable.  An allura sysadmin can deploy whichever included tools and
"external" tools they want.

We can talk about both this AlluraBitergiaMetrics tool and tools in general.  I
am currently thinking that AlluraBitergiaMetrics might be good to keep as a
separate tool and not merge it into the core yet, since there is cleanup to do.
 Then we don't have to keep merging your new changes in as you develop, you can
just move forward directly.  I also think it might be good for us to move some
of our "beta quality" tools like Activity and Chat and ShortUrl out of Allura's
main repo and into standalone repos like Pastebin is.

What are other peoples' thoughts?

P.S. I noticed
has a GPL license

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