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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: Allura new features
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2012 20:22:45 GMT
Hi Stefano and Simone,

I've replied with some feedback on the merge request itself:  I hope that we can
get into a better rhythm and give you feedback more quickly in the future.

Regarding how to add skills, I think a flexible system is best, so that users
aren't restricted by slow admins who haven't added certain skills into the
system yet.  Maybe it could be completely freeform so that users can enter
whatever they want?  Of course, if that's the case, we wouldn't want an enormous
drop-down list of millions of items.  Maybe a "tagging" approach where the most
frequently used skills are at the top of the suggestion lists.

As another point of reference, the old classic SourceForge account pages
have/had a way for users to record their skills.  The choices were based on the
categories (aka "trove") used for categorizing projects.  Here's a tiny
screenshot:  This could be cool since it'd
potentially let users and projects be matched together, e.g. within a Help
Wanted system.  This approach could work within Allura too.  The "TroveCategory"
model already exists and is used for project categorization.  Of course, this is
a completely different direction than my "tagging" suggestion, since it uses a
fixed list :)


On 10/4/12 8:51 AM, Stefano Invernizzi wrote:
> Dear all,
> We would like to extend Allura by offering functions to increase awareness
> of people and organizations working within the forge.
> In a previous message on this mailing list we briefly described the goal of
> our work and got positive feedback.
> Now we would like to detail our proposal to understand if it can become
> part of the main distribution of Allura.
> As a first step, we would like to allow users to provide more details about
> themselves, so that everybody can have a better knowledge on someone else's
> skills and, as a consequence, on their potential contribution on a certain
> project. To this end we have already developed a prof-of-concept that you
> can find here:
> for which we have submitted a merge request a few days ago.
> In our prototype the page which allows users to set their preferences
> includes more details that are then stores as part of the users' personal
> data. These data are shown to others in the profile included in the project
> associated to a user.
> More in detail, the data include
> * Gender
> * Birth date
> * Country of residence
> * City of residence
> * Timezone
> * List of social networks (for the moment, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and
> Twitter are listed as predefined and fixed possible choices)
> * List of personal websites (or pages about the user)
> * List of telephone numbers
> * Skype account
> * A list of time slots in which the user is available, namely when he/she
> is usually working on the forge and can easily reply to inquiries. These
> time slots are required to be expressed according to the timezone of the
> user who is visualizing the information.
> * A list of periods during which the user will be inactive (for example,
> for holidays, or other relevant commitments).
> Of course, all these data are completely optional, and everybody can freely
> decide not to provide any additional detail, for obvious privacy reasons.
> Additionally, users can insert their skills. This can be done through a
> form, linked to the one used to insert personal data. Skills are shown
> together with the remaining personal data in the profile of the user,
> included in his or her personal project. Particularly, each user can insert
> a list of skills, selecting them from a predefined list of categories. They
> can also add a level of proficiency on each skill (three levels are
> allowed: low, medium, high) and an optional description (for example, to
> describe what experience he/she had with a certain skill).
> At the moment, users are not allowed to create new kinds of skills, they
> can only use the existing ones. However, we are wondering if this is a good
> choice or not: probably, a user should be allowed to do so, because new
> technologies are introduced everyday, therefore a predefined list could be
> a problem. We will immediately start working on this issue. We will also
> consider existing classifications for skills like the one offered by Dice.
> As we discussed in our first message, we would also like to introduce the
> concept of organization, so that each user will be allowed to make explicit
> his/her enrollment in an organization, and we are going to implement a tool
> to retrieve statistics about the contibution of a user to all the projects
> hosted on the forge. We will provide more details on this very soon, but
> first of all we would like to get a feedback on the first part of our work
> and on the possibility of merging its evolution in the main Allura
> repository.
> Thank you,
> Stefano Invernizzi and Simone Gatti

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