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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: Questions ad Allura ...
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2012 21:58:07 GMT
Hi again Rony.  Thanks for the feedback.

On 8/23/12 5:09 AM, Rony G. Flatscher (Apache) wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> On 22.08.2012 20:00, Dave Brondsema wrote:
>> Patches:  Perhaps I am not understanding the problem clearly.  Are you
>> talking about a ticket in your "Patches" tracker?  E.g.
>>  On there I can see the
>> attached patch file and can open it fine.  If you are subscribed to a
>> ticket, you should get an email when a file is attached.  It'll have the
>> attachment metadata, but not the whole file included.  Emailing the
>> attachments could be a problem if they are very large.  Can you provide
>> an example if I'm not on the right track here?
> Maybe the following helps understand the built  "attitude/expectation" better: when following
> project like ooRexx over the years as a former/potential developer it is important to
learn about
> *all* supplied patches and *all* commits in general. Then, if patches, commits occur
it used to be
> the case that an e-mail including the diffs got sent out via a relay-e-mail-list and
anyone who
> subsribed to that e-mail list received it. Now, the diffs embedded in the e-mail would
not be
> necessary, if the e-mail contained a list of files that got changed each with a link
to get to its
> diff (and ultimately one link that would present all diffs at once). For study purposes
or merely
> documentation printing out those diffs (either physically or as a pdf) is important,
if an area got
> changed that one has special interest in.
> Following a specific tracker item needs the prerequisite, that one learns that a tracker
item got
> created in the first place, which is quite cumbersome. [In the example
> "" one would be able to get access to the
> attachment, but I have not found a way to display it inline with color highlighting.]
> So maybe the bottom line would be: allow for sending out any patch (and commit) via a
> e-mail-list, which can be subscribed by interested parties. This would allow for a push
model, where
> one would be informed that a patch (commit) got submitted/applied. If that e-mail contained
> aforementioned links to get to diffs (on each file or optionally having one big diff
for all
> affected files), then this would be great!

There is a setting that should get you most of the way there, I think.
If you go to Admin, Tools and then click on Options for the tracker,
there is a "Email ticket notifications to:" field.

The remaining piece would be to easily get to the attached patches.
Allura doesn't have that now, but a new ticket to make the attachment
references include a direct link seems appropriate.

>> Sorting bugs:  There is a ticket
>> for making the sort order
>> oldest-first by default.  Several people have voted for it already, so
>> we'll probably get to it soon.  Of course, patches are welcome too :)
>> After you do a search, there is a 'Help' button near the search box.
>> That help box details the fields available for searching and sorting
>> (near the bottom of that help box).
> Thank you, yes, I have studied the help box. (It seems that now the initial order of
the bug tracker
> is newest first, oldest last, which is great! However, when doing a search on the bug
> system, the order is oldest first, newest last.)
> Here there would be the following ideas/requests: allow for displaying the column "reported_by_s"
> and in addition allow/show a field/column "reported on".and "mod_date_dt".
> Also, in general a RFE (not sure whether I should open a ticket for it) for sorting:
how about
> having a popup (like the field popup where one can determine which fields to display)
that displays
> all sortable fields which one can activate for sorting (having a radio button group of
> "descending", "none") and which allows to move the fields up and down to determine the
> order, if sorting should be done on more than one field and make it saveable for the
user as well?
> (If such a definable sort order becomes available, then it should be applied on search
results as well.)

Feel free to create a ticket.  A few points of reference: the "Fields"
admin page lets you specify whether custom field display in ticket
listings or not.  And there is a widget in the upper right of ticket
listings to let you choose some columns to display, but its not a
permanent setting.  And neither of those cover the fields you mention
(reported by, on, etc)

>> Commit diffs in emails:  I see there are a lot of votes and comments on
>>  I assume many are from
>> ooRexx developers.  It certainly is on our radar due to that, and
>> something we'd like to add.  When subscribed (btw, admins are
>> automatically subscribed to all tools including SVN) emails will be sent
>> with each commit, including a link to view the diff.
> Maybe making this feature available for regular users (maybe as an option to activate)
would already
> solve this requeust?

Yeah, I agree.

>> In the mean time, you could consider using the RSS feed at
>>  I know that's not as good
>> as an email.  We also want to get svn-notify available as a post-commit
>> hook, but it isn't available yet.
> Great, thank you, looking forward to it!
> Maybe a last pointer: personally, I have been active in many opensource projects to the
point, where
> I am totally "overdrawn". Therefore it is extremely helpful to get notifications (but
also to be
> able to turn them off, if too many come along).
> ---
> Ad "patches are welcome": please believe me, if I had time available, I would love to
> Unfortunately, at this time I have been overwhelmed with too much work and projects and
simply do
> not have the resources free to help personally in this interesting project. The only
thing I can do
> at the moment is trying to give constructive feedback and trying to explain the reasons
why I would
> request something that seems to be very importang/helpful as a person who has been following
> participating in sourceforge projects for many years. [I think everyone on the ooRexx
> team is courageous, adventerous and constructively trying to adopt the new Allura system.
It seems
> that this is of mutual benefit bringing experienced opensource developers together to
help each other!]
> ---rony
>> On 8/22/12 6:15 AM, Rony G. Flatscher (Apache) wrote:
>>> Hi there,
>>> having been many years interested/active in <>
I have
>>> experienced the project's switch to Allura.
>>> The project is a long standing one, which means that the trackers have quite
a few entries and
>>> developers have been accustomed to learning/seeing/printing code diffs right
away to make it easy to
>>> study what got changed.
>>> After some time of using the new system (to get accustomed to it) there are many,
>>> questions/problems opened, some of which can be answered/solved on the ooRexx
developer list, some
>>> via Allura-trackers, but it seems for very important aspects of a developer system,
there is (yet?)
>>> no solution or knowledge available.
>>> Therefore I would like to kindly request comments/hints/pointers to the following
three items, that
>>> are coming into ones way, being accustomed to the old system and not having found
the counterparts
>>> in the new Allura:
>>>     -------- Original Message --------
>>>     Subject: 	[Oorexx-devel] Ad Allura interface: a few questions ...
>>>     Date: 	Wed, 22 Aug 2012 09:50:29 +0200
>>>     From: 	Rony G. Flatscher
>>>     Reply-To: 	Open Object Rexx Developer Mailing List <>
>>>     To: 	Open Object Rexx Developer Mailing List <>
>>>     Sorry, if this has been answered already, just do not know the latest state.
>>>       * Ad Patches: it is possible (following Mark's directions) to subscribe
Patch messages by
>>>         merely pressing the envelope symbol on the Patch UI. However, how would
one be able to see
>>>         the patch file (the diffs) from such a message?
>>>           o One (a little bit cumbersome) way is to look in the left pane of
commits and somehow
>>>             pick the right commit from the bullet list that appears after a while
in the center
>>>             pane. However, once one gets to the diff page and tries to print
it, the printout does
>>>             not contain any of the nicely formatted code! :(
>>>       * Ad Bugs: is it possible to get the opening date, the submitter, such
that one becomes able
>>>         to sort by them as well. It is strange that the order of showing tracker
entries is from
>>>         oldest to latest, rather than the other way round (maybe the developers
only use small
>>>         databases where the order does not matter for them, but in a long standing
project one may
>>>         have hundreds, maybe more tracker entries).
>>>       * Ad svn commit diffs: it would be great, if the commit message contained
links directly to
>>>         the files that got committed with links to diffs. (The same would be
helpful for any code
>>>         submission, including the patches).
>>>     Is there anything I could do to help get the above items tackled/resolved
>>>     ---rony
>>> Thanks in advance for any comments/hints/pointers (maybe time frames to expect
feature changes that
>>> could help)!
>>> N.B.: Please excuse my addressing this to allura-users and allura-dev, as I do
not know which e-mail
>>> list is appropriate for such questions.
>>> ---rony

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