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From Alvaro del Castillo <>
Subject Re: requirements for our VM
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2012 06:30:59 GMT
El jue, 12-07-2012 a las 22:51 -0400, Dave Brondsema escribió:
> As noted in a different mail, I've requested a VM to be set up for us.
> I've specified the services we need, as best I can forsee.  But I am not as
> sure what we should ask for hardware specs.  Here is my best guesses.  What
> do you all think?  I am assuming this will be a "small" Allura instance,
> not needing to handle tons of traffic or data.
> *RAM*
> 768M.  A sandbox (our dev environments at SourceForge) running mod_wsgi
> with 2 processes, mongod and Allura's taskd and smtp_server, plus system
> services clocks in at 400M used.  I expect the Apache instance will get
> more traffic than a dev sandbox, and will need some breathing room
> *CPU*
> Not sure here.  Maybe 2 or 4 cores at a few Ghz each?  For comparison, our
> dev sandbox VMs use 4 2Ghz cpus.
> *Disk*
> 20G Pretty much all data goes into MongoDB (including files, using gridfs).
>  The Allura test dataset (plus some extra testing stuff I've generated) is
> 1.2G of mongo files.  This will certainly grow over time as it is used.
>  Logs will need some space, as will allura itself, python packages, the OS,
> etc.  Git repos don't need to be considered, I don't think, since the
> allura git repo will be hosted by Apache infrastructure and not within the
> Allura VM (I hope we can find a way to get a readonly filesystem mount so
> we can get code browsing to work).
> Even if you don't have a clue either, a +1 for sanity would be appreciated
> :)


In Bitergia Allura instance we are using a VM with  1GB, 2x2 GHz cpus
and 24GB HD. It is a shared VM with other services so the estimation is
not very precise. An the use of the Allura instance is minimal. But we
Allura running for one month now without probs.

Kind regards

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> Dave Brondsema
> Principal Software Engineer -
> Geeknet

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