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From Matthieu Riou <>
Subject Re: problem with sending a SOAP message to twister (instead of twister-message)
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2006 14:39:20 GMT
Have a look at the mailing-list archive, the thread named "get back
the response message" here:

There's some code in the message sent on Sun, 05 Feb, 11:05 by Davide
Ling. You're probably missing the SOAP header initialization part.


>Hi,I am totally new to BPEL and the whole Web-Services "thing". ;-)
Iwanted to transform the Twister-Message for example1 (from the
samples)into a SOAP message and send it to the Twister engine. The
problem is,that I always get the error "Remote error : No partner,
portType oroperation are included in the message..". I cannot figure
out what iswrong - there is not so much documentation about sending
SOAP messagesdirectly to the twister engine. I tried to transfer the
knowledge fromthe developer guide's java code into the SOAP message.
Please couldanybody help me by looking onto the sourcecode posted in
the lowersection of this eMail?Kind regards,Cosima<!--- this is the
SOAP version --><?xml versionu003d"1.0"
   <tws:partner xmlns:twsu003d"">          
 <SOAP-ENV:Text xml:langu003d"de-DE">loaner</SOAP-ENV:Text>   
</tws:partner>    <tws:port
xmlns:twsu003d"">        <SOAP-ENV:Text
xml:langu003d"de-DE">loanServicePT</SOAP-ENV:Text>    </tws:port>   
<tws:operation xmlns:twsu003d"">       
<SOAP-ENV:Text xml:langu003d"de-DE">request</SOAP-ENV:Text>   
</tws:operation></SOAP-ENV:Header><SOAP-ENV:Body>    <tns:acknowledge
<ex:lastName>doe</ex:lastName>          <ex:amount>5000</ex:amount>
</tns:acknowledge></SOAP-ENV:Body></SOAP-ENV:Envelope><!-- this is the
orginal version from the example 1 --><!--<?xml versionu003d"1.0"
<partner>loaner</partner>    <port>loanServicePT</port>   
<operation>request</operation>    <message>       
<firstName>john</firstName>        <lastName>doe</lastName>      

<amount>5000</amount>    </message></twister-msg>-->

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