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Subject Re: sample of bpel file
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 17:21:38 GMT

So is this should work?

<sequence name="main">
            <!-- Receive input from requestor.
             Note: This maps to operation defined in tecpbpel.wsdl
            <receive name="receiveInput" partnerLink="tecp"
portType="tns:tecpbpel" operation="initiate" variable="receiveInput"
                        <from variable="receiveInput"></from>
                        <to variable="input"></to>

            <invoke name="callExceptionService"
partnerLink="exceptionservice" portType="tns:ExceptionService"
operation="tns:processExceptionItem" inputVariable="input"

            <reply name="reply" partnerLink="returntecp"
portType="tns:ExceptionService" operation="tns:processExceptionItem"

I send the receiveInput variable to the engine, then assign it to input
variable  and invoke webservice with input as input variable and and output
as output variable.  Finally reply this variable back.  Do I have to define
the portType for this reply, if so is this a LocalPort (like the initiator
port)? how about the operation and th partnerLink?


             Matthieu Riou                                                 
   >                                                   To 
             02/07/2006 11:54                                           cc 
                                       Re: sample of bpel file             
             Please respond to                                             

You'll have to use a receive / reply sequence. First your web app
sends a message to the engine, the reception of this message is
handled by a receive. Then you invoke your web service, use the web
service output variable and return it in a reply. So your process
should look like this:



>I want my process reply to the second receive.I'm new to bpel,  I
just want a simple bpel that work the same way as Ihave a web, the web
call the bpel engine, and the bpel engine invoke awebserivice and
return for me the response and I need this response as theoutput back
to the web.If I don't use bpel Engine, I could call this webservice
directly.  (Butthe requirement that I need to use bpel engine to
invoke a webservice).Any suggestions?ThanksTu             Davide Ling
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                             To             02/06/2006 06:50
                                cc             PM
                    Re: sample of bpel file             Please respond
to             agila-user@incuba     Show
quoted text -On Monday 06 February 2006 23:49,
wrote:>             <receive nameu003d"receive"
partnerLinku003d"returntecp"> portTypeu003d"tns:returntecp"
operationu003d"process" variableu003d"receiveOutput" >>
</receive>>             <reply nameu003d"reply"
partnerLinku003d"returntecp"> portTypeu003d"tns:returntecp"
operationu003d"process" variableu003d"receiveOutput">>
</reply>>       </sequence>> </process>I don't understand , who call
the initiate operation?Last reply is for the second receive
(partnerLink "returntecp").This process works only if some client
first invoke the "initiate"operationon "tecp" partnerLink. Otherwise
no istance woud be created.Do You want your process reply to the first
receive or the second one?(I'm sorry, in Italy it's tool late now! I
go to bed! Bye!)--Davide LingSito Personale -
http://davideling.altervista.orgKey fingerprint u003d 284A 0FB9 F9F6
763C D429  E02B AA5D 483A 7E45 D2A6

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